We are constantly inspired by our local ingredients and landscapes. As a result our house made beers will constantly be rotating and changing as the seasons and the ingredients change. Check back often to see what is new and exciting in our beer lineup.

Available: June/July

Red Mt. No. 3- Imperial RED - 8ish% ABV 100ish IBU - - Big, bold, and rich , balanced by massive hop additions.

CO-EXISTENCE- Saison/Brut IPA- 5% ABV-50IBU - Help us celebrate women in brewing!! A mixed fermentation beer using an american ale and Belgian saison mix on a 40% wheat and oats platform punctuated with PINK BOOTS BLEND hops from YCH hops. Fermented using enzymes to get the characteristic dry finish of Brut IPA with a little note of spicy yeast character.



Everybody’s Ale - 4.9% ABV - 11 IBU

This cream ale is light and crisp with a hint of floral hoppiness. Perfectly paired with a hot summer day, Everybody's Ale is built for those who want to cool down with an easy drinking light beer. This beer was made for you!

Pairs well with: Fish and Chips, Chicken Fried Steak, Burgers

Re-Invention IPA 2.0 - 6.2% ABV - 85 IBU

Balanced in its delivery, but pungent in the nose, this deep amber ale is a smooth and drinkable take on the classic West Coast IPA. A slight marmalade maltiness softens the alcohol content and is balanced by generous doses of Columbus, Citra, and Centennial. These ingredients accentuate the citrus notes of hop and malt, creating a wonderful beer-drinking experience.

Pairs well with: Blackened Redfish, Jumbo Hot Wings, Fresh Salads, Burgers

EL GUAPO Mexican Amber Lager- 5.0% ABV - 25 IBU

Inspired by the German and Swiss Brewers who brought their Vienna style of brewing to Mexico in the 1800s. This smooth and malty beer is easy drinking and crisp with subtle bready undertones balanced by El Dorado and Cascade hops, supported by notes of dried citrus fruits in the finish. Garnish with a lime to accentuate the fruity, refreshing drinkability.

Pairs well with: Grilled Ribeye, Carne Asada Tacos, Mushroom Toast

Rollin’ Oatie Stout - 4.6% ABV - 25 IBU

Full and roasted, the Rollin’ Oatie is jet black and deep with notes of toasted nuts and coffee, complemented by a soft finish from the oats. Warming and full, this is for those cold days we have left.

Pairs well with: Grilled Ribeye, Pork Chops, Ice Cream, Fried Banana Split

Hop Gold - 4.2% ABV - 20 IBU

This light, easy drinking session beer is highlighted by a strong hop nose and a clean, juicy finish. HG is the bridge between light and more adventurous, hoppy beer drinkers. Paying homage to the roots of craft beer, we used Cascade hops as the base and added Citra to punch up the aroma a bit.  

Pairs well with:  Hot Wings, Roast Pork Sandwich, Fried Pickles

Azzacattack Hazy IPA - 5.7% ABV - “0” IBU

The New England IPA is the latest and greatest addition to the pantheon of craft beer. Hazy and smooth from a 30%!! addition of oats, this guy was made with 100% Azzaca hops. This is the first beer in a rotating IPA series that will feature modern techniques and hops from all over the world.

Pairs well with: Fried Chicken Sandwich, Spinach Salad


Berliner Weiss – 4.4% ABV – 5 IBU

Tart, fizzy, and crisp, this “kettle” sour beer is refreshingly absent of hops and high in carbonation. For those that want an authentic Berliner experience, this beer can be mixed with our in-house created basil and blueberry syrup. If a fruity, sweet, alco-pop isn’t your thing, ask for the beer served straight-up. By itself this brew provides a uniquely crafted experience worthy of any beer-drinker’s palate.

Pairs well with: Hot Wings, Roasted Pork Sandwich, Fried Pickles, Shrimp and Calamari Pasta